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Stephanie Bean

Stephanie has studied the care and management of horses since her youth and has been a regular in the show arena. She began starting horses under saddle at a Michigan racehorse farm as a teen. Stephanie went on to be an assistant trainer to Patty Johnson of Iron Horse Training Center in Wisconsin before moving back to Michigan and opening her own practice. 

In addition to extensive training, lesson and showing expertise, Stephanie is also an experienced barn manager. She regularly takes clients to all levels of competitions and a variety of circuits. Stephanie has also coached the Notre Dame Preparatory Equestrian Team for five years, leading them to multiple championships at the district and regional level.

stephanie giving lesson to kid.jpg

Training Philosphy

Stephanie specializes in nurturing the all-around performance show horse, but works with all breeds and riders. Her philosophy of fine-tuning body control to achieve an easy harmony with your horse works for the average rider as well as the elite competitor. For starting horses under saddle, she believes in gradually setting a solid foundation of proper muscle development and willing attitude to create a balanced horse.

Stephanie gives lessons to riders ranging from 7 to 76 years old working on a variety of goals. Her specializations include showmanship, western horsemanship & pleasure, huntseat equitation & pleasure, western riding, trail, ranch riding, and hunter hack.

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